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Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Road Tours are exclusive experiences that combine scenic routes, national landmarks, money-can’t-buy activities, fine dining and luxurious hotels. Comprised of Barrett-Jackson customers, influential business executives and collector car hobbyists, Road Tours offer guests the chance to get out and drive their collector cars while exploring some of the most beautiful landscapes our country has to offer – and to show that these cars are as much fun to enjoy as they are to display. Guests will visit museums, private car collections and famous racing facilities as part of an intimate group of like-minded car enthusiasts. Each day of driving will culminate with nightly gatherings for dinner and socializing at upscale hotels and resorts.

Weeklong Tours

Weeklong Road Tours will start from one city, wind through the beautiful back roads of the U.S. (stopping at different cities and towns along the way) and conclude at a notable final destination. Guests will drive their personal collector cars along the journey while stopping at different landmarks, museums and businesses, dining on different cuisines from different regions and staying in different hotels each night.

Weekend Tours

Weekend Road Tours will be three-day tours that take place Friday through Sunday in different cities across the country. Guests will stay at some of the nicest hotels in the country and spend their days driving their personal collector cars to local and regional landmarks, museums and exclusive car collections. In the evening, they’ll return to the hotel for fine dining and socializing. These high-end, bespoke events will spare no expense as guests will be treated to a true money-can’t-buy experience.

Cars of the Tours

Any type of collector car can join in the fun and camaraderie of our weeklong and weekend tours. From modern-day muscle cars to exotics and everything in between, we welcome all types of classic cars and pickups as well as specialty vehicles. In select markets, guests will have the opportunity to drive the latest luxury and exotic vehicles from the top automotive manufacturers and provide customer reviews after each day of driving. The cars are the stars, but the people make lasting memories and will always be the focus of these tours.


How do I sign up for the tour?2022-09-16T15:08:39+00:00

Click the link below to request an application. Please note a separate application is needed for each Road Tour you would like to attend.

September 2022 – SOLD OUT

April 2023 – Application Coming Soon

Who do I contact if I have other questions?2022-09-16T01:12:27+00:00
If I want to post on social media, do you have a hashtag for the tour?2022-09-15T21:50:28+00:00

The hashtag is #barrettjacksontours – please share!

Once I send in my application, how do I know if I have been accepted on the tour?2022-09-15T21:50:14+00:00

You will receive a confirmation e-mail and copy of your invoice.

Can you provide assistance with shipping my car to the start of the tour and the return home?2022-09-16T01:12:37+00:00

We will be working with Reliable Carriers, who will be offering a discount for shipping to and from the tour.

If the tour is full when I send in my application, what happens?2022-09-15T21:48:56+00:00

You will not be charged, and you will be included on our wait list.

What items will I have to cover on the Road Tour?2022-09-15T21:48:42+00:00

Your fuel, room incidentals, parking fees, limited meals, mechanical issues, toll roads and any traffic tickets.

Is the Road Tour all-inclusive or will I need to cover items?2022-09-15T21:48:26+00:00

The Road Tour is an exclusive experience that covers all resort and hotel rooms, with some of the meals and museum fees included.

Does the tour sell out or have a cap of total cars?2022-09-15T21:48:15+00:00

Yes, the tour can accommodate up to 50 vehicles, as well as our team members’ cars.

Can I send this to a friend to join the tour?2022-09-15T21:47:52+00:00

Yes, you can forward to friends to join the tour.

How do I contact the tow vehicle?2022-09-15T21:47:39+00:00

The tour booklet you will receive has contact info for the driver of the tow vehicle and the tour leader.

What happens if my car breaks down?2022-09-15T21:47:24+00:00

A tow vehicle with a trailer will be following our group; they will take you to the next town to be repaired.

How many people can come with me in my car?2022-09-15T21:47:11+00:00

You are allowed one hotel room per entry (for two people).

When do we get our hotel info and tour route?2022-09-15T21:46:56+00:00

You will get your hotel confirmation details and final tour route when you come to check in on the first day of the tour.

What types of vehicles are allowed?2022-09-15T21:46:39+00:00

Any collector car of any year is welcome.


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